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CHAPTER 4 AND 5 PROBLEMS   Please complete the following 7 exercises below in either Excel or a word document (but must be single document). You must show your work where appropriate (leaving the calculations within Excel cells is acceptable). Save the document, and submit it in the appropriate week using the Assignment Submission button.   CHAPTER 4 EXERCISE 3 3. COST FLOWS AND OVERHEAD APPLICATION Cleveland Metals uses a job cost system and applies factory overhead to production at a predetermined rate of 180% of direct labor cost. Data pertaining to recent operations follow. * Job no. 636 was the only job in process on January 1 of the current year. The Work in Process account contained a $24,600 balance on this date. * Jobs no. 637, 638, and 639 were started during January. * Total direct material requisitions and direct labor incurred during January amounted to $89,200 and $114,500, respectively. * The only job that remained in process on January 31 was job no. 638, with costs of $15,000 for direct materials and $20,000 for direct labor. * Compute the total cost of the work in process inventory on January 31. * Compute the cost of jobs completed during January, and present the proper journal entry to reflect job completion.   CHAPTER 4 EXERCISE 7 7. OVERHEAD APPLICATION: WORKING BACKWARD The Towson Manufacturing Corporation applies overhead on the basis of machine hours. The following divisional information is presented for your review:   Division A Division B Actual machine hours 22,500 ? Estimated machine hours 20,000 ? Overhead application rate $4.50 $5.00 Actual overhead $110,000 ? Estimated overhead ? $90,000 Applied overhead ? $86,000 Over- (under-) applied overhead ? $6,500 FIND THE UNKNOWNS FOR EACH OF THE DIVISIONS.   CHAPTER 4 PROBLEM 2 2. COMPUTATIONS USING A JOB ORDER SYSTEM General Corporation employs a job order cost system. On May 1 the following balances were extracted from the general ledger;   Work in process           $ 35,200 Finished goods                         86,900 Cost of goods sold       128,700   Work in Process consisted of two jobs, no. 101 ($20,400) and no. 103 ($14,800). During May, direct materials requisitioned from the storeroom amounted to $96,500, and direct labor incurred totaled $114,500. These figures are subdivided as follows:   _DIRECT MATERIALS_   _DIRECT LABOR_ JOB NO.   AMOUNT   JOB NO.   AMOUNT 101   $5,000   101   $7,800 115   19,500   103   20,800 116   36,200   115   42,000 Other   35,800   116   18,000     $96,500   Other   25,900             $114,500                                                                                 Job no. 115 was the only job in process at the end of the month. Job no. 101 and three "other" jobs were sold during May at a profit of 20% of cost. The "other" jobs contained material and labor charges of $21,000 and $17,400, respectively.   General applies overhead daily at the rate of 150% of direct labor cost as labor summaries are posted to job orders. The firm's fiscal year ends on May 31. _INSTRUCTIONS:_ * Compute the total overhead applied to production during May. * Compute the cost of the ending work in process inventory. * Compute the cost of jobs completed during May. * Compute the cost of goods sold for the year ended May 31.             CHAPTER 5 EXERCISE 1 1. HIGH-LOW METHOD The following cost data pertain to 20X6 operations of Heritage Products:   QUARTER 1 QUARTER 2 QUARTER 3 QUARTER 4 Shipping costs $58,200 $58,620 $60,125 $59,400 Orders shipped 120 140 175 150   The company uses the high-low method to analyze costs. * Determine the variable cost per order shipped. * Determine the fixed shipping costs per quarter. * If present cost behavior patterns continue, determine total shipping costs for 20X7 if activity amounts to 570 orders.   CHAPTER 5 EXERCISE 2 The treasurer anticipates the following costs for the event, which will be held at the Regency Hotel:  Room rental                                         $300  Dinner cost (per person)                      25  Chartered buses                                   500  Favors and souvenirs (per person)       5  Band                                                    900 Each person would pay $40 to attend; 200 attendees are expected. * Will the event be profitable for the sorority? Show computations. * How many people must attend for the sorority to break even? * Suppose the sorority encouraged its members to drive to the hotel and did not charter the buses. Further, a planned menu change will reduce the cost per meal by $2. If each member will still be charged $40, compute the contribution margin per person.   CHAPTER 5 EXERCISE 3 3. BREAK-EVEN AND OTHER CVP RELATIONSHIPS Cedars Hospital has average revenue of $180 per patient day. Variable costs are $45 per patient day; fixed costs total $4,320,000 per year. * How many patient days does the hospital need to break even? * What level of revenue is needed to earn a target income of $540,000? * If variable costs drop to $36 per patient day, what increase in fixed costs can be tolerated without changing the break-even point as determined in part (a)?   CHAPTER 5 PROBLEM 6 6. DIRECT AND ABSORPTION COSTING The information that follows pertains to Consumer Products for the year ended December 31, 20X6. Inventory, 1/1/X6 24,000 units Units manufactured 80,000 Units sold 82,000 Inventory, 12/31/X6 ? units Manufacturing costs: Direct materials $3 per unit Direct labor $5 per unit Variable factory overhead $9 per unit Fixed factory overhead $280,000 Selling & administrative expenses: Variable $2 per unit Fixed $136,000   The unit selling price is $26. Assume that costs have been stable in recent years.  
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