world history

* In Qing China, women’s work was A)    Supposed to revolve around childcare B)      Designed to be inside the home C)      A shameful excursion into local cities and markets D)     Associated with intricate and opulent handwork   * The Meiji Restoration A)    Was the name of the resolution to the Russo-Japanese conflict B)    Marked the occupation of Japan by Chinese officials C)    Was a dramatic transition in Japanese social hierarchy D)    Marked the beginning of the Japanese Empire led by the Daimyo   * The Tanzimat Reforms were A)    An attempt to control the anarchist and communist movement in Russia B)    The process of introducing industrialization to China against local traditions C)    The abolition of Islam in the Ottoman Empire D)     An effort in the Ottoman Empire to replace religious authorities with a stronger military and political authority   * What are the major differences between traditional Asian Empires like the Chinese or Mughal Empires and modern empires like the British or Dutch?     * Christianity found resonance in China because of the religious tradition of A)    Confucianism B)    Taoism C)    Hinduism D)    Buddhism   * The Taiping Rebellion A)    Was the product of industrialization B)    Rejected the Japanese Emperor C)    Followed a man who claimed to be the brother of Jesus Christ D)    Was the result of an influx of opium     * How did the nature of women’s work change during the industrial revolution?   * The economic theory that emphasized the role of international economics in competing against each other is known as A) The encomienda system B) The COlumbian Exchange C) Mercantilism D) Bourgeois values     * The Portuguese and Dutch explorers had the following in common: A)    They followed the Pope’s orders when settling Mexico and Peru B)    They helped the people of Haiti and Cuba throw off Spanish occupation C)    They began exploring the Indian Ocean before the Atlantic Ocean D)    They traded silk and silver for tobacco   10.  How did the Columbian Exchange affect the communities of Africa, America, and Europe?   11.  European unification completed the nation-state building of the early modern period. Two key new countries included: A)    The Iberian Peninsula of Portugal and Spain B)    Italy and Germany out of principates, city-states, duchies, and Prussia. C)    The Hapsburg Empire’s division into Hungary and Austria D)    The consolidation of Britain into the United Kingdom and the Ottoman Empire into Russia   12.  The prosperous African Empire that facilitated early globalization was: A)    The Mali Empire B)    The Egyptian Empire C)    The Asante Kingdom D)    The Songhai Empire   13.  What was the role of private explorer/merchant companies in planting the seeds of modern imperialism throughout the world? Please use specific examples.   14.  How did people resist the transition of power in slavery, colonialism, or empire? Compare at least two forms of resistance in history.   15.  The French Revolution was directly connected to   A)    The Haitian Revolution B)    The Mexican War for Independence C)    The Brazilian Revolution D)    The War for Independence in Argentina          
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