Explain several of the tensions and conflicts that arose among

I apologize for not responding quicker. [http://www.bezern.com/] I'm in Japan at work on a time difference. [http://www.bezern.com/] This assignment differs from the short answer essay question assignment. [http://www.bezern.com/] For this assignment, choose only one topic below and write your essay based on the topic of your choice. [http://www.bezern.com/] Make sure to develop your essay using authors from our course readings from weeks one through four. [http://www.bezern.com/] 1. [http://www.bezern.com/] Explain several of the tensions and conflicts that arose among the earliest settlers in the colonies and each other or the Native Americans. [http://www.bezern.com/] Show how those tensions and conflicts emerged in early American literary works. [http://www.bezern.com/] 2. [http://www.bezern.com/] Examine some of the Puritan beliefs revealed by the works we have covered that led to tensions, conflicts, and concerns among the colonists and/or the Native Americans. [http://www.bezern.com/] 3. [http://www.bezern.com/] Think about this rather surprising statement: It has been suggested that Olaudah Equiano may not have been born in Africa, but in South Carolina. [http://www.bezern.com/] If this were true, does his birthplace change the way we read and evaluate this memoir? Does this possibility affect its viability or reliability as a source on slavery and the slave trade? 4. [http://www.bezern.com/] Compare or contrast two individuals from weeks one through four who best illuminate important themes of America during the time period covered. [http://www.bezern.com/] Define the themes you'll write about, and then discuss what precisely in the writing defines those themes. [http://www.bezern.com/] Discuss these themes as they relate to current day approach or understanding. [http://www.bezern.com/] ESSAY INSTRUCTIONS: Your submissions must be in proper MLA formatting. [http://www.bezern.com/] Essay One requires 1,000 words (plus 10%). [http://www.bezern.com/] Please do not exceed the maximum word count by more than 10% and do not go under. [http://www.bezern.com/] Academic writing requires discipline and the ability to edit one's thoughts and ideas. [http://www.bezern.com/] Maintaining the word count will help with this skill. [http://www.bezern.com/] - In the upper left-hand corner of the paper, place your name, the professor's name, the course name, and the due date for the assignment on consecutive lines. [http://www.bezern.com/] - Double space the entire paper, starting with the heading. [http://www.bezern.com/] Do not add any extra spaces, and do not use single spacing anywhere in the paper. [http://www.bezern.com/] - All papers should be in 12 point Times New Roman regular black font. [http://www.bezern.com/] - Use one-inch margins (usually the default margin settings) top, bottom, left, and right. [http://www.bezern.com/] - All paragraph indentations should be one tab (one-half inch) from the left margin. [http://www.bezern.com/] - All work is to be left justified, except for the title and the heading on the Works Cited page, both of which should be centered. [http://www.bezern.com/] - When referring to works of literature, the source must be quoted or paraphrased to support the writer's assertions. [http://www.bezern.com/] - When quoting or paraphrasing lines in literature, follow the proper way to cite short stories, plays, or poems. [http://www.bezern.com/] - Refer to the Tutorial and Student Studies Center in the APUS library for further information about MLA formatting and style. [http://www.bezern.com/] NOTE: Do not write in first or second person narrative voice. [http://www.bezern.com/] Always write in third person narrative voice. [http://www.bezern.com/] You should make use of the online APUS library in searching for sources to support your points. [http://www.bezern.com/] Avoid all uses of Wikipedia (or any encyclopedia or dictionary) and reference guides like SparkNotes. [http://www.bezern.com/] You can access the LITR220 Course Guide and librarian help at http://apus. [http://www.bezern.com/]campusguides. [http://www.bezern.com/]com/content. [http://www.bezern.com/]php?& Be careful that you do not cut and paste a paper of information from various sources. [http://www.bezern.com/] You may not use previously submitted material (i. [http://www.bezern.com/]e. [http://www.bezern.com/], self-plagiarism, also called double dipping); your ideas are to be new and freshly constructed for this course, this professor, and this session. [http://www.bezern.com/] Also, take great care not to plagiarize; if in doubt, cite the source. [http://www.bezern.com/]
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