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The World's Most Ethical Companies

nment 2: The World’s Most Ethical Companies Due Week 8 and worth 300 points Review the Ethisphere Institute's list of the World's Most Ethical Companies, located at Research a sampling from the organizations from the list, and identify one (1) company that you believe treats its consumers, the environment, and employees in an exceptional and morally praiseworthy manner.  Write a five to six (5-6) page paper in which you: 1.Determine at least two (2) ways in which the chosen company behaves in a morally responsible way toward each of the following: a.consumers  b.the environment c.employees 2.Predict the effects that these morally conscious decisions would have on the company's bottom line.  .....

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This is a 7 to 10 page assignment that has to be an a paper  and in the right apa format.    this is the grading rubic so please follow and i need an A that is why i am giving 5 days and paying 100 dollars As an instructor of the basic skills class at the local community college, you have been asked to provide ideas for assessing the writing ability of entering learners through the use of traditional and nontraditional methods. The assessment approaches and instruments you recommend will be used to decide who needs a developmental writing class and who should take the regular writing course. Compose a paper (in APA-manuscript format) that discusses several possible traditional and nontraditional assessment instruments, including the strengths and weaknesses of each and the impact of the instrument on the selected sample population. This assignment is a part of our.....

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Lecture receiving Please refer to Chapter 2 in your text.  A film is actually a series of "frames."  The analysis of Mise en Scene means "freezing the frame."  In these frames, the viewer's eye looks at the following elements: ·Where is our eye attracted first? Why? ·High lighting? Low lighting? High Contrast? Some combination of these? ·How Far away is the camera from the action? ·Are we (and the camera) looking up or down on the subject? Or is the camera neutral (eye level)? ·What is the dominant color? ·Is the frame distorted in any way? ·What are the main eye-stops after taking in the dominant? ·How much visual information is packed into the image? ·How the two dimensional is space segmented and organized? ·Does the image suggest a fragment--or one section-- of the scene? ·Do the characters have no room to move around, or.....

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week 1 discussion 2

Select_one_of the thirty approved writing prompts for your Final Research Paper from theResearch Paper Guidelines []document. Your persuasive argument will be presented through a well-written thesis statement. Consider your chosen writing prompt, the available research, and the definition of_argument_as you prepare a working thesis statement. Also, reflect on the thesis statement and topic sentences presented in the “Who Stole the American Dream?” article. In addition, watch the Ashford University Library video,_Quick 'n' dirty [], _and.....

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week 10 questions 1 - 3

Study Questions --- The Nature of Things (Book I)  1. Lucretius introduces two basic metaphysical principles: that nothing comes from nothing, and that nothing can ever be entirely destroyed. Explain the reasoning that leads him to accept these principles. In addition, comment on how the acceptance of these principles might be expected to affect the culture and society of Ancient Rome. How might the behaviors and values of people that accept these ideas be different from those that do not?  2. Lucretius spends a significant amount of time at the start of his poem.....

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Maths Task: Graphs and travel/statistics task

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Acquiring health information systems requires astute leadership. An acquisition is migrating from one system to another. The imposition and realization of applicable standards, system requirements, legalities, finances, human resources, and need must all be considered before an acquisition can be successfully executed. Review the case, Acquiring an EHR System, from pages 215-218 of your course text. In a 300-word initial post, discuss the pros and cons of the case by addressing the following questions: What was the main concept of the case? Who was involved in the acquisition? What system was acquired? What were the identified positives (pros) with the acquisition? What were the identified negatives (cons) with the acquisition? .....

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Basic Tenets of US Government

Students will describe American beliefs and principles that are based on the five basic concepts of democracy: fundamental worth of the individual, equality of all persons, majority rule and minority rights, necessity of compromise, and individual freedoms, and will evaluate two sides in a real world situation that tests these fundamental principles at work in a neighborhood dispute in the US .....

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BA280 Consumer Behavior

Course 3/16/2014 Discussion "Research Method to Collect Data"         3/18/2014 Assignment "Research Methods"         3/18/2014 Assessment "Quiz 3"         3/23/2014 Discussion "Market Research Data Collection Tool"         3/25/2014 Assessment "Quiz 4" 3/10/2014 100 3/11/2014 Great work on the submission. 3/25/2014 Assignment "Market Research Plan"         3/30/2014 Discussion "Globalization of Domestic Brands"         .....

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