Research Paper

research report []  .....

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log and quads

please find  enclosed  two assignments and modules LOGS EOMT.pdf [] LOGS.pdf [] and QUAD Module Test A.pdf [] QUAD.pdf []  .....

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Non-homogeneous Poisson

q7.jpg [] .....

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Poisson process

q6.jpg [] Please see attached .....

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Research report

Research Report []  .....

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Experiment 5.docx [] Also, here is a sample of what the lab report should look like. This sample is a bit long and the lab I am requesting does not have to be this long or in detail.  Sample Lab Report.docx [] .....

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Qnt 351

Week 4 quiz.docx [] .....

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graphing tecnique

this has to be done according to the Graphical Solution of a System of Linear Equations found on page 7 of the  Study guide [] to answer this question check the answer to question 1 which is a simitanous eqution  y=4x-7 and 3x+2y=7 using the graphical method.  the answer can be handwriten or type but has to follow the medthod stated int he study guide .....

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Lab Experiment 4.docx [] This is just an example of how the lab report should be. The final lab report DOES NOT hae to be this elaborate. Sample Lab Report.docx [] .....

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Science & American Culture for bio class

Science & American Culture  The most important reason to take a science course in college is to learn about general science topics that will be a part of the news you read, the votes you are asked to make, and the decisions you will face related to your personal and family health care. Science is all around us, and is even pervasive in our American pop culture: movies, books, video games, etc. Select one of the science based pop culture examples listed below. Watch or read, and then locate a current (two years old, or less) science article that relates to the topic discussed in your novel/movie. You will write a 2-3 page discussion that summarizes the major points of your chosen media, discusses the article you chose, explains the connection between the article and your media selection, and explains the relevance of this topic to modern-day Americans. Media.....

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