Database Testing

How to test database testing with free open source tol .....

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CIP Applied

CIP Applied Please respond to the following: Within this learning environment (this course), how could you apply the principles of CIP to make the learning experience better? Of the recommendations you made, which would be the hardest to implement and why? .....

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CIP and Epistemology

CIP and Epistemology Please respond to the following: Based on what we have seen so far, which epistemological orientation does cognitive information processing most closely align with? How does this orientation differ from that of radical behaviorists? Explain your rationale. ------------------------- ATTACHMENTS * __ EDU501_W2_L1.DOC [/download?f=179073&q=451354&csrf=592b97c0970f9] .....

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Rewards and challenges of teaching

“What are 3 rewards and 3 challenges that you will face as a teacher?” PLEASE SEE ATTACHED FILE FOR DETAILED ASSIGNMENT ------------------------- ATTACHMENTS * __ FINAL_ESSAY_INSTRUCTIONS(4).DOCX [/download?f=177332&q=450638&csrf=592b95c187409] .....

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International Scenes in Education

From the e-Activity, in a paragraph compare and contrast curricula in the United States with the country or countries selected in the e-Activity. Choose a specific subject area or grade level to examine. * E-activity, to assist with question* Research the Internet or the Strayer Library, or both, to locate a recent article (within the last five years) on the current status or current issues in curriculum design in one or more countries in Europe, Asia, South America, or Africa. Be prepared to discuss. .....

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External Influences on Curricula

From the e-Activity, consider the external influences of a regional accrediting body on a school’s curricula. Discuss at least three specific implications for curriculum design that are included in the regional accrediting body’s standards document. Discuss specific ways in which your school’s (or one with which you are familiar or would like to work) curriculum meets the curriculum design standards. In what ways could your school’s curriculum be improved to better meet the standards? E-Activity-*To assist with first question* Research the Internet to locate the Website for the regional accrediting body for the local school district, or the one with which you are familiar. (i.e., Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, or others.) From the Website, download and review the accrediting body’s standards document. Specifically, read the area focused on curriculum design and development process. Be prepared to.....

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Curriculum and Results-Based Evaluation

Analyze the approaches to evaluation discussed in the textbook (e.g., scientific, humanistic, utilitarian, etc.) and discuss at least two approaches and how they are applied in your educational setting. Evaluate the effectiveness of the two approaches. Debate It: Take a position for or against this statement: Teachers should be paid a base salary then rewarded with monetary bonuses based on levels of and increases in student achievement. Provide reasons and examples to support your response. .....

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Successful Implementation-DRMELANIE

Assume that the administrator of a school district with six schools (one high school, two middle schools, and three elementary schools with a population of 2,000 students) has appointed you to make decisions about integrating the latest technology into the K-12 classrooms. There is a $200,000 budget available for the first year of the program. Recommend at least two types of technology and ways to integrate the technology into classrooms for use by teachers and students. Provide a rationale to support your response. .....

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Curriculum Implementation-DRMELANIE

Discuss at least three primary reasons people (administrators, teachers, parents, and / or students) often resist change, especially regarding the implementation of new technologies in educational settings. Propose at least two ways to overcome people’s resistance to change. Provide a rationale to support your response. Analyze the curriculum implementation models explained in the textbook (e.g., Organizational-Developmental Model, Systems Model, etc.) and consider the educational setting where you work or plan to work in the future. Discuss the model that you believe would be most effective for implementing a major change from an electives-based, liberal arts curriculum to an outcomes-based, school-to-work curriculum with core science, math, and technology courses. Provide a rationale to support your response. .....

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Philosophy Essay- MAGGIE3

You are an American History teacher, and you want your students to do more than simply memorize their way through the information you are teaching. You want them to develop their critical-thinking skills, learn to solve problems, make informed decisions, and get involved with lessons. This turns out to be a daunting task, however. The students seem to want you to describe every required detail in assignments; and when you call on students who don’t have their hands raised, the most common response is, “I didn’t have my hand up” or “I don’t know.” In other cases, they say, “C’mon, just tell us what you want us to know,” and “Why do we have to learn this stuff?” FURTHER DETAILS ATTACHED ------------------------- ATTACHMENTS * __ PHILOSOPHY_ESSAY_INSTRUCTIONS(5).DOCX [/download?f=176078&q=450285&csrf=592b94cbf10c3] .....

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