IEEE 802.11 power consumption

Compare IEEE 802.11 and IEEE 802.15.4 networks in terms of range, data rates and power consumption .....

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Research Paper

Hello, can someone do a perfect research paper writing job on MEMS? .....

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Electric measuring instruments

Q.1 The inductance of moving iron ammeter in micro henry is given by expression: L=20+5?-2?2 Where ? is deflection in radians from the zero position. Determine the angular in radians for a current of 10A if the for a current of 5A is 300.Also determine the spring constant. Q.2 .For a certain electrodynamometer ammeter the mutual inductance M varies with the deflection of ? as M=-6cos(?+300)mH Find the deflecting torque produced by the direct current of 50mA corresponding to the deflection of 600. Q.3 . A 220V,10A dc energy meter is tested at its marked ratings. The resistance of pressure coil is 9900ohm and that of current coil is 0.5ohm .Calculate the power consumed when testing the meter with (i).Direct loading arrangements (ii).Phantom loading with current circuit excited by a 6V battery Q.4. Power in a dc circuit is calculated as the product of current and voltage if the value of current and voltage are given by 6.3A and 110.2V and the uncertainties.....

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Risk assessment

Practical Exercise: 1 (40 marks) Subject Risk assessment exercise on a typical long distance conveyer for transporting newly mined coal away from the coal face Objective To gain basic experience with the risk assessment and risk reduction procedures as described in chapter 3 of the course manual and as required by EN ISO 14121 and AS 4024.1301 Relevance All machinery safety projects should be subjected to this type of procedure. Provides a simple practice routine. This example is typical and it makes use of: A. Hazards checklist from both of the above standards. B. The risk scoring system advocated by PILZ and by Proctor machine Guarding. C. An Excel spreadsheet format based on the software tool issued by Proctor and demonstrated during the training course. Starting Information: Suppose you are the designer for an underground conveyor installation that is to transport raw coal in lumped and crushed forms and all debris from a coal cutting area over a distance of more than 1000.....

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Assignment Final Week

Question 1: A contemporary issue facing technology innovation today is the tension between personal privacy and public security. Discuss in-depth how this issue effects and drives the development of devices or software. Provide at least one example. (Write at least 2 - 3 paragraphs) Question 2: Consider the following case study and answer the questions below. An electric car is an automobile that uses electrical energy stored in batteries or another energy storage device that is propelled by one or more electric motors. Electric cars can significantly reduce air pollution, as they do not emit tailpipe pollutants and reduce in greenhouse gas and other emissions and reduce dependence on foreign oil. But widespread adoption of electric cars causes higher cost, lack of recharging infrastructure outside of home charging and range anxiety which is the driver's fear that the electric energy stored in the batteries will run out before the driver reaches.....

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Week 7 Assignment

1.Research the case study on “Exxon Valdez accident” of 1990 in your textbook and on the internet and answer the following questions: (use the template: Evaluating the Case Study). ?What were the causes of the incident?. ?What regulations were passed as a result of this incident?. . 2.What is sustainability? Describe how LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) helps in developing environmental friendly products? (write at least 2 paragraphs).. 3.Review the Academic Centers for Sustainability in the Case Study 39: “Sustainability” and discuss how considerations of ethics might enter into the collaborative efforts of centers and institutes for sustainability. (use the template: Evaluation of Case Study). ------------------------- ATTACHMENTS * __ EVALUATION OF CASE STUDY FOR EE100.DOCX [/download?f=171990&q=448741&csrf=592b903ccb9d4] .....

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week 5 assignment

1.In your opinion, are all forms of dishonesty unethical? Explain why there may be disagreements on whether or not all the forms of dishonesty are unethical? (write at least 3 paragraphs). 2.Review the case study 21: “Late confession” from the textbook and discuss the ethical issues involved in this case and explain how you would analyze the case? (use the template: Evaluating the Case Study).. ------------------------- ATTACHMENTS * __ EVALUATION OF CASE STUDY FOR EE100.DOCX [/download?f=171351&q=448579&csrf=592b8fcdba0a2] .....

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weeek 3 assignment

1.Investigate utilitarianism on the internet and answer the following questions: (write at least 3 paragraphs) ?Where did this ethical theory originate from?. ?What are the basic ideas of this theory?. ?How can we apply this ethical theory to our personal and professional lives?. . 2.Read the case study “Allowing defective chips to go into the market” on the internet at []. Comment on the creative middle way solutions presented in the case to solve the problem. (use the template: Evaluating the Case Study). ------------------------- ATTACHMENTS * __ EVALUATION OF CASE STUDY FOR EE100.DOCX [/download?f=171350&q=448578&csrf=592b8fccf0bb2] .....

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week 2 assignment

1.Discuss some ethical issues faced in engineering design. Provide some examples from our text book and/or the internet and present ideas to resolve those issues. (write at least 3 paragraphs). 2.Research the case studies of space shuttle incidents of the Challenger” in 1986 and “Columbia” in 2003. Answer the following questions: (Use the template: Evaluation of Case Study) ?What are the factors that contributed to each incident?. ?What were the similarities between the two cases? Do they reveal any common ethical issues?. ?Discuss the concept of blame responsibility and causation in relation to these incidents.. ------------------------- ATTACHMENTS * __ EVALUATION OF CASE STUDY FOR EE100.DOCX [/download?f=171349&q=448577&csrf=592b8fcc1adc7] .....

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week 1 assignment

1.Review the code of ethics of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer (IEEE) and National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE). Compare the two and answer the following questions: (write at least 3 paragraphs) A.How is the language used in each different?. B.What are the similarities between the two codes of ethics?. . 2.Find a professional organization of your choice and then review and comment on their code ethics. Also discuss if there could be any improvements. (write at least 3 paragraphs). .....

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