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Need help with Grantham University (Modern Digital Design & Lab) course number CT362 but it use to be called CE362.  NEED HELP ASAP!!  Price is negotiable.  .....

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DAB converter questions (Power Electronics)

Hi, I have an hw that is on the topic of Power electronics. It is about DAB (Dual Active Bridge) Converters. If you know DAB they are very easy. It is basically extension of some lecture notes. I have uploaded the lecture notes online so you can check them. They are here The following are the questions to be answered. 1. Derive both forms of equation for the output current from Pg.5  (Eq. 7) 2. Find the output power for the case when on the right hand side is a voltage source 3. Find the output voltage for the case when at the output there is parallel C-R combination 4. Plot how the output power changes as the phase shift changes from -Pi to +Pi (for two voltage sources case) 5. What it the angle that results in the maximum power flow and what is the power in that case?   Thanks .....

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LTSpice AC

Your task for this project is to design an AC-DC converter. Refer to Figure 4.22 for the block diagram and to the following pages for different rectifier circuits. To simplify the design we will not have the power transformer or voltage regulator. Therefore your job is to design the rectifier and filter. Here are the specifications: * Input: AC voltage source of 8V peak at 60 Hz. Use "_Vin ? ? sin(0 8 60 0 0)_" in your netlist, with the question marks replaced by your node names. * Output: Average of at least 5V DC with a _peak-to-peak_ output ripple of less than 300mV. * Load: 100 ohm resistor   RECTIFIER For the rectifier portion, you are allowed to use any of the circuits in the book (half-wave, full-wave, bridge). However, you are only allowed to use diodes. For the diode model, use the D1N4148 model from the “sedra_lib.lib” file, which I.....

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I want the 1-8 demux code and test bench that is running on xilinx .....

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Labview Assignment

Labview assignment attached .....

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Predictions (For Researcher Only)

MORE PREDICTIONS Write an essay in which you make 5 predictions for future technology. For each, explain why you think each prediction will come to pass. Your submitted work should be double-spaced, a maximum of three pages in length. The paper must be.....

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Cloning Assignment

CLONING Consider the uses of cloning presented in this chapter. Which types do you believe should be allowed? Write an essay explaining those and why you feel they should be allowed. Who do you believe should decide what cloning is allowed. .....

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Grantham University Engineering

need help with 2 classes from Grantham.  Modern Digital Design and Lab and Advanced Microprocessors and Lab .....

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Technological Failure

CONTRIBUTIONS TO TECHNOLOGICAL FAILURE Several of the technological failures discussed in this chapter were made worse by the failures of the organizations responsible for the technologies. In an essay, discuss some strategies that an organization can take to create an environment in which people are less likely to contribute to the effects of technological failure. .....

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Technological Developments

TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENTS Provide an overview of four technological developments from prehistoric times through the 1939 (before the beginning of WWII). Explain the purpose and outcome (success, popularity of use, etc...) of the four technological developments. .....

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