Air Pollution Discussion Board - 400-500 words

1.AIR POLLUTION (Topic) 2. Find 2 journal articles or online articles from reputable websites (.gov or .edu sites) that discuss your chosen topic. 3. Answer the following questions in your thread: a. Is this hot topic a problem for the earth and/or mankind? Why or why not? You will need to provide at least 2 evidences for the position you take. Be sure your evidences are well researched. b. If you judge the hot topic as a problem for the earth and/or mankind, then what are some possible solutions? That is, how might the problem be mitigated by scientists, government officials, etc.? You will need to provide at least 2 possible solutions. Be sure your solutions are well researched. c. If you judge the hot topic as not being a problem for earth and/or mankind, then how might those on the opposing side be appeased? That is, how might their fears and concerns be addressed by scientists, government officials, etc.? Be sure your suggestions are well-thought-out and logical. Notes: 1......

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CLASS WORK HELP "Elements of Earth Science"

I need help with 3 quizzes!! Total of no more than 60 questions. Non-timed test .....

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Comparative Essay

Original creation of the earth ( nebular hypothesis vs six day creation) MUST CITE “Heavens and Earth: Excursions in Earth and Space Science” by Danny R Faulkner ------------------------- ATTACHMENTS * __ COMPARATIVE_ESSAY_INSTRUCTIONS.DOC [/download?f=176651&q=450525&csrf=592b9574d0044] .....

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LASA Due Sunday

Assignment 1: LASA 2: Monitoring Our Home Planet The Internet is a powerful tool that provides the ability to monitor natural phenomena and disasters that happen all over planet Earth. In this assignment, you will research resources available on the Internet for monitoring natural phenomena including earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, global climate, and weather. Based on your research, do the following: Identify a minimum of three different natural phenomena that are typically responsible for natural disasters. Analyze the potential impact of these disasters. Analyze how these phenomenon are monitored, or not, via the Internet. Critique available Web sites, which publicly display up-to-date monitored information related to each of the natural phenomena you have identified. Focus on the following aspects: Geography What parts of the world are potentially affected by these phenomena? Specifically identify the countries. Resources What kinds of.....

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Community Sustainability Proposal Do it as a paper

Local government leaders have asked you to provide information and recommendations for increasing sustainability in the community. Perform an initial search to learn about green initiatives for a city in your area. Create a 5- to 8-slide PowerPoint® presentation or Write a 350- to 525-word proposal to your local government. Include the following: A summary of green initiatives for a city in your area. Recommendations to your local government for creating a greener, more sustainable and livable community. The proposal should include recommendations both for actions by the local government and by individual homeowners. Explain how implementing these recommendations would promote sustainability and improve like for residents. Include appropriate images. Include a list of the sources you use. Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines. For Local Campus students, these are oral presentations accompanied by Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations. For Online and Directed.....

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What is scientific inquiry & Similarities between the two materials... Tutor Assigned: Dr. Rick

What is scientific inquiry & Similarities between the two materials (minerals & pebbles) - Over 750 words .....

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GLG 220 Earthquakes Lab Report

The effect of value III in Table 9.1 is 'Felt Indoors.' Why specify indoors? Why should eye witness accounts indoors differ from eye witness accounts outdoors? Hint: consider the surroundings .....

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Geology Lab

Files attached for lab with instructions. ------------------------- ATTACHMENTS * __ TRAVEL_TIME[1].DOC [/download?f=102732&q=427318&csrf=592b5284cfc62] * __ LAB_[1].DOC [/download?f=102733&q=427318&csrf=592b5284cfc62] * __ LAT_AND_LONG[1].DOC [/download?f=102734&q=427318&csrf=592b5284cfc62] .....

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earth quake lab *****GREG

Follow the instructions as posted ------------------------- ATTACHMENTS * __ EARTHQUAKE_LABORATORY.DOC [/download?f=100778&q=426650&csrf=592b50ab2b4aa] * __ LAT_AND_LONG.PDF [/download?f=100798&q=426650&csrf=592b50ab2b4aa] * __ TRAVEL_TIME.PDF [/download?f=100799&q=426650&csrf=592b50ab2b4aa] * __ SEISMOGRAPHS.PDF [/download?f=100800&q=426650&csrf=592b50ab2b4aa] .....

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There are 15 questions and the graph for question 12 is on the last page. ------------------------- ATTACHMENTS * __ GEOLOGY LAB.DOCX [/download?f=99888&q=426371&csrf=592b4fd838648] .....

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