Houston GEOLOGY 1345 - What is wind Wind is the natural

Chapter 6 Review Question Review Questions: 1. [http://www.bezern.com/]What is wind? Wind is the natural flow of air that we humans can detect. [http://www.bezern.com/] Wind is created when changes in temperatures cause air to move from high to low pressure areas. [http://www.bezern.com/] 3. [http://www.bezern.com/]What is the relationship between air density and both temperature and humidity? warm air is usually more humid than cold air 5. [http://www.bezern.com/]What type of weather does a high pressure system bring? is a whirling mass of cool, dry air that generally brings fair weather and light winds. [http://www.bezern.com/] 7. [http://www.bezern.com/]How is the pressure gradient.....

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A planet in another solar system has a solar

A planet in another solar system has a solar constant S = 2000 W/m^2, and the distance between the planet and the star is 100 million km. [http://www.bezern.com/] What is the total power output of the star (in W)? hint: use 4?r^2 * S.....

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UT GEOL 4450 - An unconfined aquifer has a specific yield

An unconfined aquifer has a specific yield of 0. [http://www.bezern.com/]215 . [http://www.bezern.com/] During a drought period, the water table drops anaverage of 1. [http://www.bezern.com/]72 feet under an area of 8. [http://www.bezern.com/]15 mi2. [http://www.bezern.com/] What volume of water, expressed as cubic feet, relates to the decline of the water.....

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UT GEOL 4450 - A horizontal confined aquifer

A horizontal confined aquifer has a specific storage of 7. [http://www.bezern.com/]78 E -6 ft-1 and a thickness of 33. [http://www.bezern.com/]8 ft. [http://www.bezern.com/] (a) What is the storativity of the aquifer ? (b) How much water would this aquifer yield from storage, expressed as cubic feet, ifthe head declined an average of 3. [http://www.bezern.com/]61 feetover an area of 960.....

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NSCC GEO 101 - the eastern and western margins of North America

Describe the differences between the eastern and western margins of North America in terms of earthquakes and volcanic activity and explain why this behavior is consistent with the plate tectonic environments of both areas. [http://www.bezern.com/] Include an explanation of the plate environment(s) in both cases.....

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Hazard GLY 130 - A stratigraphic sequence has a limestone

A stratigraphic sequence has a limestone bed at the base, which is overlain by a shale, which in turn is overlain by a sandstone; the entire sequence is cross-cut by a fault. [http://www.bezern.com/] For this sequence, what is the order (from oldest to youngest) of the geologic events represented? What if you ?nd inclusions of the sandstone in the shale? Would you change your assessment, and if so,.....

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where and when were dinosaurs first found

1. [http://www.bezern.com/] where and when were dinosaurs first found and how were they perceived? 2. [http://www.bezern.com/] What were the first 3 dinosaurs and who found them? 3. [http://www.bezern.com/] Who named Dinosauria? When and why? 4. [http://www.bezern.com/] Who were early American dinosaur workers? 5. [http://www.bezern.com/] When was the turning point of dinosaur.....

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Module 6 - Critical Thinking

Module 6: Critical Thinking | Schoology View the graph found at: http://www. [http://www.bezern.com/]antarcticglaciers. [http://www.bezern.com/]org/glaciers-and-climate/ice-cores/ice-core-basics/, and the current CO2 concentrations found at: http://keelingcurve. [http://www.bezern.com/]ucsd. [http://www.bezern.com/]edu. [http://www.bezern.com/] Also, read the section on global warming in Chapter 11 of your textbook. [http://www.bezern.com/] Compare current CO2 levels to the highest concentrations from the past 450,000 years. [http://www.bezern.com/] Based on data from these websites and the textbook, answer the following questions: * What is the current.....

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Earth Material - Describe the formation of primitive

5 Earth Material Questions! NEED DONE IN 2 HRS !!! Describe the formation of primitive and recycled magma. [http://www.bezern.com/] Be sure to include where each of these magmas are formed. [http://www.bezern.com/] Briefly describe how the development and changes in the biosphere affected the formation of minerals in early Earth history. [http://www.bezern.com/] What is the radius ratio? How does that determine Coordination Number and how is this useful? Describe the three main ways that magma can be generated (heat to generate partial melting) to produce igneous rocks and related minerals. [http://www.bezern.com/] Explain the basic function Bragg’s Law and how it contributes to determining the atomic properties of minerals.....

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Alaska GEOL A111 - The rock we would expect

The rock we would expect to form from a quiet water depositional environment? a) Shale b) Arkose c) Conglomerate d) Sandstone Which of the following methods of transportation will result in the best degree of sorting? a) Streams b) Wind c) Waves on a beach d) Glaciers ____ is the process where sediments are converted into sedimentary rock. [http://www.bezern.com/] a) cementation b)lithification c) diagenesis d) imbrication Which rock type or combonation of rock types makes up 90-95% of the outer 16km of the crust? a) Igneous rocks b) Igneous rocks & Metamorphic rocks c) Sedimentary rocks d) Sedimentary rocks and Igneous.....

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