Assignment 1.2: Industrialization After the Civil War Final Paper

After the Civil War, the United States became a much more industrialized society. Between 1865 and 1920, industrialization improved American life in many ways. However, industrialization also created problems for American society. Consider events that took place after the Civil War and discuss ways that industrialization affected the U.S. between 1865 and 1920. You have already developed a thesis statement and developed an outline in which you identify three main points relevant to your topic. Now you will develop the final paper in which you explore your main points in detail. Write a three to five (3-5) page paper in which you: Introduce your paper with your previously crafted thesis statement. Discuss three (3) major aspects of industrialization between 1865 and 1920. In your response, consider society, the economy, and politics. Identify three (3) specific groups that were affected by industrialization and provide two examples for each group describing.....

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research paper on slavery in middle east

hello, i want a 10 page paper on slavery in middle east... the paper should be formated in APA format. should have 3 sources not less than the year 2010. .....

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Discussion Question**Nitkkr**

Discussion Question 1.What were the major challenges facing the newly emerging nations in the postwar period? How did different nations respond to those challenges?* 2.Why did the communist regimes collapse in the Soviet Union and eastern Europe, but not in China?* .....

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Need US History Essay

Seven pages, Times New Roman, Double spaced, Size 12 font, Have a separate Works Cited page that follows MLA format that does NOT count as one of the required pages of your paper, not so sophisticated (10th grade writing level), do not plagiarize, need this done by TONIGHT AT 8!!!! Price non-negotiable. Compare and contrast the cultural and educational impacts of the Scopes Monkey Trial and the Brown versus Board of Education of Topeka Kansas cases. .....

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Discuss how the sit-ins, Montgomery bus boycott,freedom riders,and the SCLC had an impact on the civil rights movement

EXPOSITORY ESSAY 7 full pages, double spaced, times new roman, 5 sources- follows MLA FORMAT, 1 google scholars article, online journal, and at least once source from a book. GIVE BACKGROUND INFORMATION. 10TH GRADE VOCABULARY NO PLAIGARISM NO BIG WORDS .....

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Research Paper

7 Page Research Paper - 5 reliable sources ( I have the sources if I can send them to you and you'll use mine) - easy vocab, grade level 9 Question: Discuss how the sit-ins, Montgomery Bus Boycott, Freedom Riders, and the SCLC had a dramatic impact on the Civil Rights Movement Source #1: .....

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apaAPAtutAPAtutAPAtutAPAtutAPAtutAPAtutAPAtutAPAtutAPAtutAPAtut .....

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DUE TODAY : Thucydides " history of the Peloponnesian war" - shasha123

2-3 page essay in the 3 parts : 1st part : how Thucydides wrote his book "history of Peloponnesian war" 2nd part : talk about pericles funeral orientation , fighting for mytilene , clean diodutus. give 3 points for each one 3rd: talk about the civil war in corcyra, consequences and medians vs athenians .....

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questions on Pericles - for abella

answer those questions on pericles ( it should be approx 2 pages ) 1) who where pericles teachers ? what subject matter to each one ? what where the effect on pericles life ? 2) what are the steps where pericles got to the top ? how did he made initial appeal ? how did he took down rivals ? 3) what where pericles policies for athens ? what does pericles wants athenian to do and not do ? .....

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Cultural Comparison Paper Comparing Africa and Latin American ------------------------- ATTACHMENTS * __ CULTURAL COMPARISON PAPER.DOCX [/download?f=176106&q=450307&csrf=592b94db9dba4] .....

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