Work / Balance and Disabled Workers

From the E activity, discuss ways that wprk/ life balance issues may be improved in the U.S. by drawing on successful practices from other nations> Provide specific examples to support your response>   Discuss the major challenges and befits of an inclusive attitude toward disabled workers in te U.S. workforce. .....

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Labor relations question

1.  When you examine a negotiated agreement, you will find a variety of issues that can be put into a category of wage or economic concern. However, the contract is not limited to these issues There are a variety of issues that go beyond economic concern such as, the union obligation. It is not just that management is required to perform a certain way according to the requirements of the contract. It is often felt by management that they are giving up everything in order to live by the contract. From a management point of view, the union has taken control without obligation through the functions of the contract. (A) Evaluate the obligations the union might have under the contract in terms of what they mean to the functioning of the union and management (B) Lay out a plan to help management implement its option if the union does not meet its obligations. .....

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Labor relations

1.  you are a new leader of the local union company. there are many new employees who have joined the union in the past year, and they have questions about the way union membership works. these new employees are not sure about how to be in the union and still interact with the seems to some of them that in their non-union jobs, they would just say and do what it took to get their questions answered, and they did not see much difference between themselves and the boss. others want to run to the union steward every time the boss says something they don't like. the questions involve management rights and employee rights. develop a summary sheet which list the content for a unions meeting. your summary should include the basic of how unions operate and specifics of management rights and employee rights in the union environment .....

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Decision Making

Scenario 1: Police While conducting your regular patrol duties as a police officer, you observe a young couple arguing and pushing each other. What are your options for intervention, and what are the possible outcomes of each of these intervention methods? According to the rational model of decision making, what choices do you have for handling the situation? What information do you need in order to make a proper decision? Which option would you choose? Scenario 2: Judge As a judge, you possess the ultimate decision-making authority in handing down sentences to offenders. Your state allows judges wide discretion when it comes to sentencing. At today's sentencing hearing you will determine the sentence of a man convicted of armed robbery. What are the steps you will follow to arrive at a decision? What factors would you take into account when determining the sentence? Scenario 3: Prosecutor You are reviewing the case against a defendant.....

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government and criminal justice

How does the relationship of government and policing impact the criminal justice system?  What might police do to improve their relationship with prosecution, the courts, and corrections? .....

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what is policing

What is policing?  How do you define the role of policing, in both history and modern society?  Provide examples. .....

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please help

The Hart-Rudman Report called for three innovations.  In 2-3 pages, and by using APA sytel formatting, describe these innovations and discuss any pros and cons which could develop .....

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Compare and Contrast order maintenance responsibilities

Compare and Contrast order maintenance responsibilities between United States, Japan and New Zealand? .....

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Discretion in Criminal Justice System

       How would you define and explain _discretion_ as it relates to the criminal justice system? (200-300 words) APA format. Peer-reviewed sources only. .....

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summary of a video

INDIVIDUAL Interview Analysis INTERVIEW ANALYSIS You will be required to select watch a live interview and/or interrogation to identify the components of verbal and nonverbal communication. You may also consider reviewing Ch. 9 and 10 for this assignment. Select an interview/interrogation to view utilizing the link below: Note: To open the link press Control Key and click on link or copy and paste the link into your browser. [,vclip,1,0]HTTP://WWW.HULU.COM/WATCH/229932/SNAPPED-COURTNEYS-TESTIMONY#X-4,VCLIP,1,0 [,vclip,1,0] (This is just a direct link to one case, once you get to the site there are approximately.....

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