Law - Analyze the ways companies are using employee information

* WEEK 3 EACTIVITIES * Research the Internet or the Strayer Library for articles on ways companies are using employee information and wellness programs to control health insurance premiums. Be prepared to discuss. * Research the Internet or the Strayer Library for articles on the European approach to digital privacy protection. Be prepared to discuss.  Week 3 Discussion 2 "PRIVACY" Please respond to the following: * FROM THE FIRST E-ACTIVITY, DETERMINE TO WHAT EXTENT COMPANIES SHOULD BE ABLE TO USE EMPLOYEE DATA AND DICTATE PARTICIPATION IN WELLNESS PROGRAMS TO CONTROL HEALTH INSURANCE PREMIUMS. SELECT ONE SPECIFIC POLICY FROM ONE OF THE COMPANIES THAT YOU RESEARCHED WHICH ALLOWS FOR THE USE OF EMPLOYEE INFORMATION IN THIS MANNER, AND ARGUE FOR OR AGAINST THE POLICY FROM BOTH COMPANY AND EMPLOYEE PERSPECTIVES. .....

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Criminal Justice question

Should Israel negotiate with Hamas? Identify at least two ways in which the situation in Israel and Palestine is different from and two ways in which it is similar to instances of nationalistic or endemic terrorism discussed in earlier chapters. .....

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I had to quit my job because of my creepy boss

iv had to quit my job because my boss started getting creepy, he made me go home and open i present which was a diamond ring and a love letter. and this is completely out of know where, he makes the other girls at the Turkish restaurant feel uncomfortable aswell e.g putting our hands on his heart. should i take further action. i don't know what to do, and i no longer have an income now because of this situation. .....

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Fraud Discussion - Law

vfdvfdvd .....

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I am married, have a child, another party is attempting to establish paternity

I am married, I have a child within that marriage. When she was conceivied my husband and I were not liviving in the same home. I was seeing another person briefly. However, when I was pregnant it was established my husband is the father. The other party threatned me for the first two years of my childs life that he would ruin the marriage if I did not allow him to see the baby. recently I have attempted to cut off ties, he is now threatening me to court. I cannot have this happen, it will ruin the family she has. What can I do? .....

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Is it legal to move out at 17 in South Carolina?

I am wondering whether it is legal to move out at 17 in South Carolina. I tried looking it up online but all the answers were different. I am feeling unwanted and continuously am getting fussed at. I know that yes i make mistakes, but no matter how hard i try i cannot please my parents. Also i was attending this program to help me get scholarships and my parents took me out of it. i get called a bitch and fake almost everyday. i don't know if it is the stress in my parents life or the fact that they smoke weed, but i really need to know if in South Carolina you can legally move out at 17. i have no desire to drop out   of school. i have never gotten in trouble with the law i have never done drugs. i think it would be easier to go to school everyday and try my hardest if i didn't wake up everyday get cussed out and go to school crying thinking about what will happen when i go home. .....

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Warrant - Sneaking back to Queensland to avoid beind arrested

Hi I have flown to N.Z but want to return to Australia but I have a warrant out in Qld for my arrest, can I fly into another state without being arrested and returned to Qld? .....

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War on Drugs and Prison Overcrowding Analysis

WRITE a 700- to 1,050-word paper on the crowding effect the war on drugs has had on correctional organizations in your state. PROPOSE three workable solutions to the situation. SUBSTANTIATE your solutions with appropriate facts and figures. FORMAT your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Justice_Administration_6e_Entire_eBook (1).pdf []  .....

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Custody Case - What should I do to keep my baby?

I am an 18 year old pregnant teenager and chose to keep the baby, the father will come for a day and then leave and I will not hear from him for days. he says that I have no say in the involvement he has with the baby and I am scared that he will scoop the baby up and take him. he also says that the baby has to have his last name and I have no say in where the baby lives. the father also originally told me to have an abortion. what do I do? and how worried should I be? .....

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Risk to Asbestos in an apartment Building Question

Hello, I was wondering if a person can be at risk to asbestos, in an apartment building. I have lived there 2 yrs. and after 1yr. and 1/2, I developed abnormal lung problems. I then had to use prednisone, and two different inhalers. I am currently seeing the same doctors to make sure the problem has past. There were also extreme amounts of mold throughout the building as well as the odor from my vents and a strange smell in the breezeway. I have had 3 of the maintenance men tell me to pursue a case and 1 said they were going to do a class action suit but I lost contact with him. Another one told me that the Corporate people had come to inspect some buildings and mine was the worst. He told me in secrecy that I should have been moved to another apartment long before I moved. We were the only family there for a while before we moved in December of 2012. Specifically under my apartment was a storage unit that had been completely.....

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