CJA 501 Mod 1 Case

in this first case assignment, we will be exploring the term "mens rea." read the article below and answer the question that follows. lacey, n. (2001). in search of the responsible subject: history, philosophy and social sciences in criminal law theory. _modern law review_, _64_(3), 350. retrieved from academic search complete. britannica online. mens rea [http://www.britannica.com/ebchecked/topic/375243/mens-rea#tab=active~checked%2Citems~checked&title=mens%20rea%20--%20britannica%20online%20encyclopedia]. accessed at: http://www.britannica.com/ebchecked/topic/375243/mens-rea#tab=active~checked%2citems~checked&title=mens%20rea%20--%20britannica%20online%20encyclopedia write a 3-5 page essay (not including cover and reference pages) answering the following question: does the u.s. need to restore the.....

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What are really awesome excuses for speeding? this is for a school paper?

I know the typical I need to crap, having a baby, yadaydadyada.. I need something awesome and brilliant lol. its for a paper I'm doing for school. please help(:  .....

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Criminal Justice Administration Discussion

Discuss the several views of the criminal justice system as it currently operates: the process, network and non-system. Do the three justice components (police, courts, corrections) constitute a true system? .....

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need help on theories of ethics in CJ

you are a rookie officer assigned to a training officer for six months of your employment. the training officer is a 20-year veteran that is a close friend of the assistant chief of police and brother-in-law of the watch commander. the third day that you are working with him you respond to a burglary call at the local convenience store. it is 2:30am and the manager has been notified. you were told to wait 30-35 minutes for him to come. you later observe your partner take a soda, candy, and a bag of chips. he eats everything before the manager comes then they both leave the store. how would you approach the situation? what steps or actions would you or should you take? what are potential positive and negative consequences for various actions taken or not taken? what ethical principles (from consequentialism, deontology, and virtue theories, for example) would come into play in this situation? 2-4.....

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Is a personal injury award immune from alimony judgements?

i have a judgement against my ex and he is suing someone for personal injury.  is any money he wins exempt from collection by me or can i go after it? .....

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Withdrawing Content

Hello, If free work is provided for a company, with no contract signed, am I within my rights to withdraw this content? Thanks in advance. .....

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Knife retrictions while over seas?

I am in Germany I am not in the military myself i am 14 but i need to know the knife restriction whiule on base overseas. .....

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Should I register my ebay store as a business with the state?

I'm going to open an Ebay store. Should I register it with the state? If yes, should it be LLC? .....

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