F1 Visa Interview - Might be classified as a potential immigrant

I am from India and am getting married in Feb 2014. My husband is in US on H1B since 2012. I am planning to do MS in US for Fall 2014 and have already applied to universities. Once I receive an admit, for my F1 visa interview, I believe I will face problems since they might classify me as a potential immigrant. What are ur thoughts on this? And is there a solution for this? i know i can study on H4 as well, but that will not help me find on campus jobs or assistanrships, which will help boost my confidence and skills .....

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Criminal Justice interview techniques discussion

    One of the most common interview techniques of criminal justice employers is the “writing proficiency test.” A criminal justice agency might ask an interviewee, after the verbal portion of the interview, to compose a letter or other document for the potential employer to review. This is a test of the interviewee’s ability to effectively communicate in written form. It is arguable that interviewees who recognized early in their academic careers the importance of developing proficient writing skills welcome the opportunity to separate themselves from the pack and to outshine the rest of the applicants. However, those who choose not to learn APA format and documentation during their college careers might be a bit more apprehensive about such a request during the interview process. You are interviewing to become employed in the position of your choice. During the interview you are asked by the potential.....

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Unsure about New Employment Agreement

My employer of 8 years has asked me to sign a new employment agreement. I signed one when I was hired. Is it standard to have an employee sign another one? There are some changes and I am not comfortable signing the new one. I assumed the one signed when I was hired would span my entire employment with this company. .....

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Question about how to proceed in a divorce

I want to start a divorce as soon as possible. We do not have any major assets now and pretty much agree on the terms. However, I want to look into buying a home or a vehicle. At what point should I start doing this so that they do not become marital assets subject to division? After the divorce hearing? after the NISI period? Any way I could do it during the divorce? Any suggestions will be appreciated. I live in California.  .....

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Advice - Cause of false accusations

Hi my name is Nicki. I have been home from work because one of my Co workers told me that they was going to call human resources and act like a customer and complain about another Co worker but apparently that Co worker was me because I have been suspended for one of my Co workers saying that they recorded me using vulgar language that about my boss. It has been under investigation for 5 days now and it suppose to be recorded. However, I did not bad mouth anyone.. so it's a false accusations period. What do I do. Can I sue them for how they are handling the situation. I mean I have missed a lot of hours. I was suspended until they fire me I guess. I just feel if they had it on a recording they would not keep giving me the run around. .....

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Lawn mower and garden equipment sales business advice

I have started a used lawn mower and garden equipment sales business and I would like to know where to purchase an appraisal guide, trade value, wholesale, retail, market value for those lawn, garden stuff, tractors and such. Can't seem to find one online. I was in the automobile business for 35 yes and we had Nada, Kelley blue book and others that's kind if what I'm looking for to get a general idea of what they're bringing in the market. .....

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Will the IRS give me an EIN? Or do I have to have another member first?

I have a Kansas LC. I operated most of 2013 as a sole propretor and as the business/liability grew, decided to do the l [http://www.justanswer.com/business-law/87cbx-kansas-lc-operated-2013-sole-proprietor.html#]imited liability company thing.  Right now I am the only owner. I do think as I continue to grow that I may take on investors.  Under my current setup, will the IRS give me an EIN? Or do I have to have another member first? .....

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Skincare Company - Non-compete clause question

We own an organic skincare company which carries our brand name and we also do some private label esp in foreign countries. We manufacture our own products. As our volume has grown in the past few years and we have developed a following, we have been asked to wholesale to salons and spas, estheticians etc. This would open up a lucrative market possibly, but we are concerned about the possibility of our wholesale buyers competing with us on some of our main platforms online (our primary means of distributing our brand to our retail customers) such as Amazon.com, Ebay, etc. Is it possible to set up a wholesale program with an internet non-compete clause? .....

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Identify an Italian spy in Australia

* in 1912,in Australia who identify an Italian noblewoman who is visiting viena as an italian spy .....

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Employment Question - Is it legal to pay a regular wage?

I am a cook at a childcare centre. when I have a day off one of the ECE's fills in my position. is it legal for her to be paid her regular wage, which is at least $4 more than my wage? .....

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