what happens when I get caught under the influence while I'm driving to the nearest health station with an unconscious person in the back of my truck he ended up in the hospital for two days.,should have I left him there to die. .....

Category Law

common law relationship

I am living contineously with my boy friend since three years, but he got married in india.. Is it a legal. After his marriage is the common law relationship is legal or not.. .....

Category Law

please help

I have been under investigation since September.. I have a MPO against the person who has said stuff against me. A NCIS agent came to my job to question me i decline (follow my lawyers advice) i am know being told that even tho the investigation is not over that i must relocate to VA and i was told that i should have spoke to the investigator. This is not fair and i have done nothing wrong and i dont think i should move esp because the investigation is not over .....

Category Law

domestic abuse

My boyfriend was arrested for domestic abuse, but he's never laid a hand on me, and I haven't made my statement.  I would like to get a  lawyer to help me voice this to the crown and judge. .....

Category Law

reimbursment for amount paidinto car

was buying a 1997 cantera cadillac the motor went out and the car lot picked it up but mind u still paying on car now car lot doesnt want to reimburse me for what i paid into car .....

Category Law

Policy Analysis-Compare & Contrast

Select two policies to compare and contrast. Write 1200-word paper in which you summarize the conflict and crime control model versus the consensus and due process model. Analyze two policies by address the following questions: * What role does law enforcement play in these policies? * What roles do the prosecutor and courts play in these policies? * What role does corrections play in these policies? * Is there a difference between federal application and sate and local application of policies? * What is your opinion of the various policies? Explain in detail. * How can we measure the effectiveness of these policies? *ORIGINAL & PLAGARISM free work and NO RECYCLED paper* APA format and please include references. NOTE: I need to know the two policies to compare and contrast before beginning the paper. .....

Category Law

Alternative Sentencing Practices

Consider two hypothetical criminal cases for sentencing. Then you will write a paper explaining the sentences you would give and your reasons for doing so. You will also consider the value of the alternative sentencing practices. Please consider both of the following scenarios as you complete this assignment. Scenario A: Defendant A has been caught dealing marijuana out of her home. It is her second offense; she has already served time. She is the single parent of two small children and has a history of spousal abuse. Scenario B: Defendant B was driving drunk and caused a car crash. The two victims in the other car were significantly injured but survived. Defendant B has expressed remorse. This is his first offense, and his blood alcohol was close to the legal limit. Write a paper in which you address the following components: * Describe the possible traditional and alternative.....

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Business Law

You go to Pets 'R Us and buy an 8 week old puppy (if you don't like dogs, you buy a type of pet you do like) for $1,000. You have the puppy for six months and the Vet tells you that the puppy needs major corrective surgery that will cost $5,000. You go back to Pets 'R Us and demand a refund. They agree, but, per the terms of your contract, they demand that you return the puppy in order to receive your refund. Is that requirement (of surrendering the pet) unconscionable under UCC 2-302? Why or why not? .....

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Security Administrator Handbook (12 Page) needed by Saturday Next week

Please pay attention to all the requirements. Security Administrator Handbook One of the responsibilities of a Security Administrator is to create and document policies that protect the organization and guide users to making smart decisions. In this assignment you will build a handbook that can be used for such a purpose. The NIST’s Special Publications Website, a government operated Website, provides several documents for you to review in order to see examples that may be helpful to start this assignment (http://csrc.nist.gov/publications/PubsSPs.html [http://csrc.nist.gov/publications/PubsSPs.html]). Other helpful Websites for this assignment include: * DISA.mil (http://iase.disa.mil/ [http://iase.disa.mil/]) * TechRepublic (.....

Category Law

Criminal Law Paper

LOCATE a recent criminal Supreme Court case you find interesting. PROVIDE a brief summary and properly cite the case. WRITE a 700- to 1000-word paper in which you answer the following questions: ·  What interested you about this case? ·  What are the sources, purposes, and jurisdictions of the criminal law related to this case?  ·  What is accomplice liability and criminal liability? How does it relate to the case? ·  What is the difference between the various elements of crime, including _actus reus_, _mens rea_, and concurrence? How do they relate to the case? FORMAT your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Contact me for the due date .....

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