LING ASSIGNMENT  DUE today 5 p. []m. [] attached files below.....

Category Linguistics


LINGUISTIC assignment Due date is today 5 P. []M. [] i attached files below .....

Category Linguistics

every member of a population is surveyed.

In a representative sample, Select one: a. [] every member of a population is surveyed. [] b. [] every member of the population has an equal probability of being selected to be surveyed. [] c. [] the sample is selected in such a way as to be sure that there is a representative from each of the key groups in the population in the sample. [] d. [] representatives from the major groups in the population help select the sample. [] Research on public opinion polls shows.....

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assignment 2 about LING 100

exercise 33, 35 and 41. [] When the question asks you to state the environments, you can do that in words  (for example, “sound x occurs after labials, sound y occurs elsewhere”). [] When the question asks you to state a rule, say it in plain words and then try to use the x?y/c d format that’s described in Section 3. []3 and that we’ll have covered in class.....

Category Linguistics

POST HIS201 UNIT 4 midterm paper

. [http:style=]BLACKBOARD. []COM/WEBAPPS/BLACKBOARD/EXECUTE/UPLOADASSIGNMENT?CONTENT_ID=_2097182_1&COURSE_ID=_53924_1&ASSIGN_GROUP_ID=&MODE=VIEW">MIDTERM PAPER _HERE ARE THE DIRECTIONS FOR YOUR MIDTERM PAPER, WHICH WILL BE WORTH 15% OF YOUR FINAL AVERAGE. [] YOU WILL BE ABLE TO SUBMIT THE ASSIGNMENT THROUGH THE LINK IN UNIT 4. []_ For your midterm assignment you will write a 3-4 page thesis paper on either of the topics listed below. [] Use APA format (see the Course Information link for information on this format), and view the Social Studies paper rubric for grading guidelines in the Course Information.....

Category Linguistics

environmental-based ethical dilemma

Using web based research, find an environmental-based ethical dilemma from the past five years online. [] (You can use a news story, an internet article, a law case, or anything from a governmental database for this assignment. []) Then, using this story as a foundation for your dilemma: * Create a 2-4 paragraph "dilemma" similar to the other dilemmas you have been solving throughout this term. [] * Solve the dilemma using Kant's ethics (Categorical Imperative). [] * Solve the dilemma using any other method we have discussed to date (with which you agree. []) * State which resolution (Kant's or the other.....

Category Linguistics

Law question data bank

701. [] CHAPTER 7—CORPORATIONS: REORGANIZATIONS Question PR #1 Cocoa Corporation is acquiring Milk Corporation in a “Type A” reorganization by exchanging 40% of its voting stock and $50,000 for all of Milk’s assets (value of $850,000 and basis of $600,000) and liabilities ($200,000). [] The shareholders of Milk are Elsie (650 shares) and Ferdinand (350 shares). [] They bought their stock for $500 per share. [] What is the value of the stock that Elsie and Ferdinand received from Cocoa? What is the amount of gains or losses they will recognize due to the reorganization and what is their basis in the Cocoa stock? 702. [] CHAPTER 7—CORPORATIONS:.....

Category Linguistics


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