iamnihil08 ONLY ONLY

Please see attached documen. thanks.  Regards,   .....

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need help all five weeks home work

does anyone has file on PHL 458 from university of phoenix .....

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Phil 201 Quiz 5

Need help with Phil 201 Quiz 5 for Liberty. .....

Category Philosophy

Help with PHIL 201

I am looking for help from someone that has taken Plihosophy 201 from Liberty University online in 2013. The course content has recently changed, so if you taken it recently pleace contact me. .....

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learning team instructions.

Here is the exact instructions if need more let me know. Thanks .....

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Learning Team Paper

Hi illusionist, Here is the Introduction to the paper, and there is a presentation as well one slide .  .....

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PSY/301 Emotional Intelligence

Hi illusionist,   I am submitting the syllabus, let me know if you done this class. Thanks .....

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Propositional Logic Proof Help

I need up to 5 proofs solved (and some help on easier multiple choice questions) by using derivations (think also called natural deduction.) I wont know the exact proofs until I start the assignment, the assignment is 2 hours long so you will have to be avaialble during those 2 hours. I attached example proofs and answers in the format that we need I also posted an example below, this is the format the proofs will be in. You will need to send back in this format via word (or other program that I can open.)  Should be very easy as it's only 3 proofs---   **WILL BE A GENEROUS TIP IF THE WORK IS DONE AND CORRECT** 2.) (A^B)-->M, M-->¬(A^B) ?¬(A^B)       1 .....

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Ethics/Moral Principles

Give one example of an ethical or moral principle that is absolute for all people at all times. .....

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Ancient Ideas and Modern Applications

Do you believe in the Greek concept of Arête? Why or why not? Who was the best example of this concept in your life? .....

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