physics HOMEWORK_4(part2)

* Learn the charge model and apply it to basic electrostatic phenomena. * Use Coulomb’s law for point charges and simple charge distributions. * Examine the concept of an electric field.  .....

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physics Newton's laws

* Develop a concept of energy (kinetic and potential)—what it is, how it is transformed, and how it is transferred. * Analyze the concepts of kinetic and potential energy by interpreting energy diagrams. .....

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Wave Function and it Probability

MUST BE IN APA REPORT FORM, ANSWER IN EXCEL WITH CHART. WAVE FUNCTION AND IT PROBABILITY   The key part of this week is looking at wave functions and what they mean. The wave function is used to determine various properties in physics. One of them is the probability of where a particle (usually an electron) is at one point in time. So let’s look at the wave function for the infinite square well. This is given as: Where L is the width of the well, x is the position and n is the integer order of the wave function. So please plot this and |?|2 for n = 1, 2 and 3 and see if there is correlation here between the values. At what points do they connect here? Construction Point: Use Excel to make these plots and for simplicity let L = 1 and.....

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Physics ( Vectors and Coordinate Systems & Kinematics in Two Dimensions)

Physics ( Vectors and Coordinate Systems  & Kinematics in Two Dimensions) .....

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Vectors in Two and Three Space

please answer all solutions clear with proper expression terms .....

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statistical physics

prove that: S = -(dF/dT)v using  S= /T + k(ln z) .....

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no show help me pls

i post but it doesnt show............................................................ .....

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