Power Point Presentation

Your team has successfully implemented the pharmacy information system from the Week 1 assignment. You are now concerned that there has not been enough planning put into the overall security of the system. You schedule time with upper management to address your concerns. As you begin to discuss the need for a business impact analysis and an incident response team, you realize that most of the meeting’s attendees appear lost in the conversation. .....

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resources available

* What types of resources are available to communities in terms of learning about nutrition and healthy eating? * What types of resources are available to global populations in terms of learning about nutrition and healthy eating? * What are three challenges communities and global populations have in accessing these resources and how can these be overcome? * What specific nutritional knowledge and skills that you learned about in this course had the most impact on you personally? * Were there any areas that you wished you could have learned more? If so, what were they? .....

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a diet currently being used by the public

Research a diet currently being used by the public. It can be a commercial diet such as Atkins, Weight Watchers; a regional diet such as Mediterranean; or one that focuses on types of food such as vegan. Identify the name of the diet and its purpose (weight maintenance, long term health, etc.). Explain its key points in terms of nutrition (focus on protein, carbohydrates, etc.). Also discuss the diet plan and the diet's strengths and weaknesses. Summarize your paper by evaluating whether you believe the diet is one that is healthy as compared to dietary guidelines. The writing assignment should be no more than 2-3 pages and APA Editorial Format must be used for citations and references used. .....

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PowerPoint presentation

Create a PowerPoint presentation of no more than 15 slides that reflect your understanding of the three macronutrients discussed in this module: Carbohydrates, Lipids, and Proteins. Be creative! Each slide should include information about each macronutrient. * Definition of the macronutrient inclusive of its function and structure * Where they are digested and absorbed * Types and their purpose * Special characteristics and function * Clinical applications as they relate to health and diets USE APA EDITORIAL FORMAT FOR CITATIONS AND REFERENCES! .....

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cardiovascular disease

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (2015), cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of deaths in the United States, equating to about 1 in every 4 deaths, even though CVD is largely preventable. What are some conditions and causes of cardiovascular disease? What is the financial and societal impact of CVD within the United States? Despite CVD being largely preventable and the amount of effort that has been placed on educational awareness, it still is a leading cause of deaths. Recently, various studies have shown promise with stem cell therapy treating heart disease. Research stem cell therapy in the treatment of heart disease and the possible promises it has as a therapy. Should science and health care pursue this a treatment option for heart disease? Why or why not? What obstacles and issues would it have to overcome to become a common treatment for heart disease? .....

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health and illness beliefs

In a 2-3 page paper discuss how health and illness beliefs can influence the assessment process. You can use the Table on Traditional Health and Illness Beliefs in your textbook (_Physical examination and health assessment _7th ed.)  or any other evidence-based sources. Include how belief structure might impact how a client responds to an assessment interview and how culture might influence physical findings. Your assignment must have accurate spelling and grammar and use APA Editorial Format. .....

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PART 4—Writing & Presenting What You’ve Learned  This research essay is not only to share your unique stance on a social justice topic with our academic community, but also to determine what it is that you think about the topic. Consider this as a way to  share your discovery with readers versus starting with an answer that you will prove.  Let your readers  see your discovery journey as you write the research essay.  Again, look to the reading about the differences between a research report, research paper, and research essay (under the Course Readings/Texts tab).  You are writing a research essay, though it may lean towards a research paper.    See page five for the Research Essay assignment sheet and page six for the Research Reflection Assignment Sheet.     4 of 6   English 121  Fall 2016 5WK       RESEARCH ESSAY At Least Three Pages of the Research.....

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females outlive men

  Why is it that females outlive men in the United States and most countries of the world? In the few countries where men outlive women, what do you believe is the primary cause for this? .....

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endocrine glands

This lab activity will focus on the major endocrine glands and the hormones they secrete .....

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Emotion Intelligence

Describe "Emotion Intelligence" or E.I. How does Emotion Intelligence fits together with collaboration, change and issues/trends in nursing. Write two (2) reflective paragraphs of above information. (paragraphs consist of 5-7 sentences) References in APA style. .....

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