Prepare a LAN design using OPNET

McBride Financial has hired a consulting firm to help with the LAN design on two of its offices. Abram LaBelle met with Hugh McBride and a transcript of the conversation can be found in the Client Projects section of Smith Systems Consulting's intranet site. * Name your project “005_LastName_FirstInitial” and choose CREATE AN EMPTY SCENARIO. * For the network scale, choose OFFICE, and uncheck USE METRIC UNITS. After choosing your scale, select the ethernet model family to design your LAN. Please Zip file and post .....

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How to write a program in C language

Write a program so that it asks the user for a percentage amount by which each price should be increased. The program then should increase each price in the array by that amount. For example, when the user enters the number 15, the program should increase each element's value by 15%. After increasing each price, the program should display the contents of the array. Use the following data stored in the array: 10.5, 25.5, 9.75, 6.0, 35.0, 100.4, 10.65, .56, 14.75, 4.78 I NEED THIS IN C++ PLEASE .....

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Network Foundation

Why is the foundation of a network an essential element to the overall architecture and success? What are some pitfalls a network can experience if its not built on a solid foundation? 200 - 300 words combined......

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Complete a Programming Task

A word is nice if it contains the same string as a proper prefix as well as a proper suffix. A proper prefix or suffix cannot be a long as the word itself. e.g. MANAMA is nice because it contains MA as a proper prefix as well as a proper suffix. PANAMA is not a nice word. Find out if a word is nice or not.  INPUT The first line of input contains T, the number of test cases. T test cases follow. Each test case contains a single word W.  OUTPUT This should contain T lines, each containing either NICE or NOT CONSTRAINTS The length of any word will not exceed 10 Each word will contain only uppercase letters  SAMPLE.....

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Respond to the System Administration Assignment

i need the answers to this in 1 hour Assignment #3.docx []  .....

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Discuss Computer Investigations

Discussion Forum: Computer Investigations * Is it easier to perform a computer forensic investigation if the suspect’s computer is a Linux or UNIX system instead of Windows? Does the OS affect the process at all? Consider all flavors of Linux/UNIX and Windows. .....

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Issues on Creating a Simple MV Application

Hi,  I am creating a simple mvc application where the user uploads a document and clicks submit on a form to upload the file. I am trying to change the 'Upload' text to 'Pending' while the computer is uploading the document to the database (it takes five minutes).  I have something like this:   : which changes the text of the 'Upload' button to 'Pending'. However, if the user clicks the 'Upload' button when the file has not been submitted the text of the 'Upload' button still changes to 'Pending', even though the computer is not uploading the document to the database.  Is there someway I can do this - with Javascript or something else? Thanks .....

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Respond to a Programming Problem .....

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Requesting Tutor Farukh to Do a Take Home Exam on Administration Maintenance

Hello Farukh  i have a take home exam in Thursday that worth 30% of my final grade in the class . i thought if i can send you the questions and you answer them and send them back to me . here is what the exam topics  ITEC325 Midterm Topics (1).docx []  and here is a samiliar questions to what is going to be in the exam ITEC325-MockMidTerm.docx []  have a look at them and let me know if you are familiar with the class and can take it. the reason i chose you is because we had work together and i trust you. Thank you ..  .....

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Respond to the Programming Problem

I am using code igniter and I got a project from my friend to make the login system.  I made the dB and the username and password are in the database. I put the exact credentials but when I log in it just refreshes. I don't know what all code you require, just comment below and I'll reply back. The user.php code: load->view('includes/header', (isset($data['header']) ? $data['header'] : ''), true); echo $this->load->view('includes/main_menubar', (isset($data['main_menubar']) ? $data['main_menubar'] : ''), true); echo $this->load->view('sign_in', (isset($data['sign_in']) ?.....

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