Question about blood - urgent!

Is blood a homogeneous mixture or a heterogeneous mixture? I would think that it would be a suspension, because when it settles out in a tube, there are different layers. .....

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Math Question

If x=5, and z=4, on the z=table how much is 1.26? .....

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What is the difference between these geometrical shapes?

what is the difference between tetragonal, square, kite, parellelogram, and rectangle .....

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math exam

hello I need help in math please .....

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khjggjkgk .....

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inroduction for an online poster project

bio project.docx [] i need an introduction for an online poster project about squirrel.   attched is the guide and an example for an intro .....

Category Science

How much heat is required to change ice into steam

how much heat is required to change 4 kg of ice at -15oC into steam at 100oC? .....

Category Science

Amount of heat required to convert water to steam

determine the amount of heat required to convert 4kg of water at t=38oC into dry saturated steam at 1 MPa gauge pressure .....

Category Science

Raising the temperature of a Kerosene tank

what percentage increase in volume takes place in the contents of a kerosene tank when the temperature is raised from 4 degrees to 325k .....

Category Science

Physical geography quiz

I need a phy geo genius by 7:00 pm my time .....

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