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Social Aspects of the LGBT Community

Need to discuss in a paper the institutional (past and present) 'labels' of lgbt - mental illness, handicap, birth defect, minority, culture, subculture, "social issues:" suicide rates, isolation from parents/family, religious ambiguities, adoption rights, same sex marriage,persecution as a group,define subcultures (twinks, clones, bears, lipstick lesbians, butch, femme, etc), representation in the media (how it has increased, compare with other minorities making their way into the media, etc), compare and contrast lgbt community to other minorities and to the mainstream .....

Category Social Science


Give an example of something that one culture might regard as a virtue that another culture might not. Explain why this could lead to relativism. .....

Category Social Science

“Observation, Hypothesis, Experimentation, and Verification” Please respond to

“Observation, Hypothesis, Experimentation, and Verification”  Please respond to the following: Review the sections on “The Scientific Method” and “Proving a Theory.” * Evaluate the claims below by using “the Scientific Method” and “Proving a Theory” steps. * Identify one (1) claim which is ineffective or unsupportable and explain what specifically makes the claim ineffective or unsupportable.   * Explain what you think would have to be done to the claim in order to make it more effective or supportable.  * There is a phenomenon known as “spontaneous human combustion” in which most of the victim’s body, as well as the chair, in which the person was sitting, is found burned to ashes but the rest of the objects in the room are relatively unaffected. This phenomenon suggests that there is a new type of subatomic particle: a “pyroton” that interacts.....

Category Social Science

“Operational Definitions”

“Operational Definitions”  Please respond to the following: * Identify a variable for scientific study that can be operationally defined. * Create an operational definition for the variable. * Identify what aspects of the variable would be observable and measurable. * Evaluate whether the variable defined by two (2) other students is an operational definition or is actually a non-operational definition. Explain whether you think the variable retains its meaning or loses its meaning. .....

Category Social Science

Industrialized World

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Category Social Science

Middle Adulthood

Erikson, Helson, and Levinson provide different perspectives on middle age in adulthood. Describe each of these theories as it relates to middle adulthood. Compare and contrast these theories. Which one gives a better explanation of middle adulthood? Describe how middle adulthood provides stability in a person's life. Explain some of the factors that would lead to stability in a person's life as he or she moves through middle age. Describe some of the more common lifestyle issues that have a negative impact on a person's continued development. Explain how a person may be able to reverse some of the lifestyle influences Describe what is meant by a midlife crisis. Explain why a midlife crisis may or may not be critical. .....

Category Social Science


Grieving occurs due to the loss of a loved one or someone they had a close relationship with. The process of grieving differs depending on cultural (social) norms. One way in which end-of-life has been described is through Kübler-Ross five stages of dying. * Describe the dual-processing model regarding grief. Explain how this model may explain somehow variations may differ across cultures. * Describe the Kübler-Ross five stages of dying. Explain the differences if any in how the different age groups may deal with end-of-life such as adolescence and older adults. .....

Category Social Science

Life Expectancy

The US population is aging, and the life expectancy of the average adult is increasing. According to the US Census Bureau (2009), by 2050, 20 percent of the total population will consist of people who are sixty-five years or older. There are several issues that challenge older adults from myths regarding aging to the significant life changes such as retirement. * Explain some of the things that may change because of the increasing life expectancy and a growing older adult population. * Describe some of the myths that deal with both physical and psychological aging. Explain some of the realities that dispel these myths and identify how older adults are engaged in their lives both in leisure and in work activities. * Explain some of the reasons individuals who are sixty-five years or older are still part of the workforce, both from a psychological and a social perspective? Identify ways in which older.....

Category Social Science

Life Span Perspective

Based on the different age groups (Early childhood, late childhood, adolescence, adulthood and late adulthood) as seen from the life-span perspective, answer the following questions: * After reviewing the current research in the various age groups what similarities did you find in the types of research and what was being studied? What differences did you find? * Based on your knowledge what developmental theories did you find that were applicable? * Explain how the life-span perspective provides a way of better understanding the research reviewed. .....

Category Social Science

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