Looking for someone to complete these exams

I am looking for someone to complete one of these exams. I will be starting soon. http://www.studentlance.com/request/laws-310-final-exam http://www.studentlance.com/request/laws-310-final-exam .....

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orange!! 3 pages double spaced Juvenile Del. essay

follow instructions in attachment. read chapter 22 and the smith article [/request/illusionist-23] to answer two main questions in the second attachment. due by tommorrow(Tuesday) morning at 730 am or earlier if at all possible. title/cover page and reference page are NOT needed. just follow instructions. 3 pages double spaced answering the two main questions. if you cite, use only a few quotations. paper should be clear that you have read both the chapter and the smith article. i have taken pictures of chapter 22 from Juvenile Delinquency by Agnew and it is included in the response essay attachment! .....

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HERE IS SOME INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR FINAL EXAM. This Final Exam contributes 300 points to your overall grade, so please do your very best! * There are 30 multiple-choice questions worth 5 points each. * There are 5 essay questions worth 30 points each. * All TCOs are covered. * Remember to save your answers often. * You have 3 hours to complete the Final Exam. * Remember to submit your exam when you are finished.   Once I start the exam I will have 3 hours to complete it so i need someone who will finish it before then. I do not have the questions and nor will I till i start it. Once I start it i will send it to you in a Microsoft word document. .....

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Psychology Question

* Is there any way that you can resolve the paradox of material reality? On the one hand, physicists tell us that matter reduces to ghostly particles that cannot be seen, are mostly space, and are constantly in motion. They exist as probabilities. Yet we sit on a solid chair and type on a solid keyboard. .....

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COM/110 Classroom Controversy Paper 700 words

* The student identified a controversial issue and received approval from the instructor.  * The student used the four steps of an argument presented in Ch. 11 of _Working in Groups. – State your claim 2. Support your claim 3. Provide reasons 4. Summarize your argument_ * The student used the six steps of refuting an argument described in Ch. 11 of _Working in Groups_. * 1. Listen to the argument 2. State the claim you oppose 3. Give an overview of your objections 4. Assess the evidence 5. Assess the reasoning 6. Summarize your response * The student explained how the four-steps of an argument were used to present the supporting argument. * The student explained how the six steps of refuting of an argument were used to present the supporting argument. * The paper is 700- to 1,400-words in length. * The introduction provides.....

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Gender Communication Training in a Global Workplace

Here is week 5 final. I have chosen bullet #2  For Aussieinmiss only. .....

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Week 4 DQ # 1 due day 3

* What is the right-of-way in conversation? How could you apply this in your life?   .....

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Gender and Media

* Learning Team Assignment: Gender and the Media   * CHOOSE 10 advertisements that best demonstrate the media’s portrayal of gender; 5 targeting men and 5 targeting women.  The selected advertisements should also include some typical stereotypes. * PREPARE a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with speaker’s notes of at least 10 slides. Include the following items in your presentation:  For Aussienmiss only * CREATE bullets to describe the advertisement, its year, its source, the gender characteristics portrayed, and the type of stereotype reflected. * INCLUDE a description of how the time period portrays gender in the speaker notes. * DISCUSS how this portrayal influences public opinion on.....

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Ashford soc 101

Does anyone have the Soc 101 for Ashford University? .....

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Sociology Weekly Paper Assignment

I have a paper that must be 400 to 500 words APA format. I have enclosed the information on the paper that is due. There are 2 choices to choose from. You will only need to pick the choice to use. .....

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