Adopting a sociological perspective, explain

Adopting a sociological perspective, explain how the role of religion in society has changed. [] For example, is religion less or more integral to the functioning of modern society than in the past? In supporting your response, provide at least one specific example of how the role of religion is different today than 50, or even 10, years.....

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SOC 402 Final Paper - Contemporary Social Problems & the Workplace

the following paper written for my SOC 402(Contemporary Social Problems & the Workplace) class. [] Below are the instructions. [] I chose, Substance abuse in the workplace. [] Final Paper Select one of the following issues affecting the workplace and working environment. [] You may narrow the range of the topic by choosing a subtopic. [] Develop a paper that discusses the issue you have chosen, your subtopic if applicable, and how your topic has or is affecting the work environment that you have been in or are currently a part of. [] Also analyze how the problem(s) could be solved using various.....

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An official Native American group

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper answering the following: Select an official Native American group (one on the official federal list). [] Specifically answer these questions: Where are they located in the U. []S. [] today? Were they forcibly removed from their ancestral lands? How? Do they have a reservation today? What is their legal standing with the U. []S. [] government? How many enrolled members are there in the tribe? How is tribal membership defined? What form of government do they practice? Can both men and women be on the governing body? Do they have an official language other than English or Spanish? Is the language taught in Indian.....

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Project - discrimination and diversity

Project requirements Students are to research various sources for cases, lawsuits, opinions, and/or events that are related to topics of discrimination and diversity. [] Students should choose and prepare a presentation covering either a discrimination practice (showcasing a claim that was either dismissed or substantiated by a court) or event that had major impact on discrimination/anti-discrimination policies and practices or the way a general public viewed specific groups. [] In the presentation, students will explain: a) Circumstances of the case/event b) Timeline, if applicable c) Main issues in the case (for example, racial or gender discrimination) d) What happened next e) What can we learn from the case/event Objective: 1. [] To learn about legal.....

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Assignment 2 - Social Control and Criminal Deviance

Assignment 2: Social Control and Criminal Deviance: Bullying Identify the most important step in the student’s guide to research that you would need in order to analyze bullying. [] Define the identified critical step of research in your words. [] Explain how bullying relates to one (1) of the following topics: the agents of socialization (i. []e. [], family, teachers and school, peers), formal organizations (i. []e. [], conformity to groups), different types of deviance (i. []e.....

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Three Sociological Perspectives

Three Sociological Perspectives Compare the differences among the three major theoretical perspectives in sociology (structural-functionalism, conflict theory, and symbolic interactionism). [] With which theory and theorist do you find that you share similar views with and.....

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Extra Credit - Consider a society without families

Exploring the Family Extra Credit: 7 points Consider a society without families. [] How would the basic needs of people in that society be addressed? How would the children be cared for, how would training and values be instilled? Who would fulfill the child’s needs for love and care? How would parents meet the needs of their growing children? What type of adults would this society create? Write a short reflection answering the questions above (250-500 words). [] As a reference, Aldous Huxley's Brave New World is a classic novel that is a satire on a family-free society. [] Attached are a few passages from this novel about life in the future without family reflecting back in history to a time when people lived and were raised by families.....

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Knowledge of the Hidden Rules of Social

Knowledge of the Hidden Rules of Social Class Extra Credit: 7 points This exercise will help you gain insight into the taken-for-granted knowledge needed to survive in various social classes. [] Read through descriptions of daily activities and commonplace knowledge for lower, middle, and upper class people. [] Then put a check mark next to the things you know how to do, and then look to see how many check marks you have in each catergory. [] For each of the three questionnaires in the link below, place a check mark in front of each item that you definitely know how to do-right now, today, at this very minute. [] Be honest. [] If you are the least bit unsure, do not.....

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Gem Slaves - Tanzanite's child labour

Present your argument in premise-conclusion form. [] View the following human rights videos listed under this week’s required multimedia: Gem Slaves: Tanzanite's child labour - Part – 1 Why women count video clip collection: Southeast Asia, Pacific, Caribbean, Latin America Children and human rights, part 1: Rights & wrongs – Human rights television Child labor, part 1: Rights & wrongs – Human rights television Focus your analysis on a specific contemporary human rights issue. [] You can use an issue from these videos or use what you learn in these videos to address another specific issue that is of interest to you.....

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Terrorism is a continuing threat to national security

Terrorism is a continuing threat to national security. [] Use the Internet to research one (1) terrorist attack in the U. []S. [] within the past 20 years (e. []g. [], the attacks on 9/11, bombing of the Boston Marathon, etc. []). [] Explain the major effects that this attack had on American society in terms of a sense of urgency and personal responsibility. [] Describe the sociological theory that best explains terrorism in America.....

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