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Geeta& Company has experienced increased production costs. The primary area of concern identified by management is direct labor. The company is considering adopting a standard cost system to help control labor and other costs. Useful historical data are not available because detailed production records have not been maintained. To establish labor standards, Geeta& Company has retained an engineering consulting firm. After a complete study of the work process, the consultants recommended a labor standard of one unit of production every 30 minutes, or 16 units per day for each worker. The consultants further advised that Geeta's wage rates were below the prevailing rate of Rs per hour. `Geeta's production vice-president thought that this labor standard was too tight, and from experience with the labor force, believed that a labor standard of 40 minutes per unit or 12 units per day for each worker would be more reasonable. he president of Geeta&.....

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Private project

PROJ595 Course Project: Application of Risk Management to a Project Course Project Part I For this project, you may choose a project that is of interest to you. When selecting a project, avoid picking one that is either too big or too small. For example, do not decide to build a new stadium for your local professional sports team (too big) or to plant your summer garden (too small).You will only be addressing the risk issues in the project so you will not need to be looking at the detail required for a business plan. The scope statement and the WBS are required in addition to the risk management plan. These should comply with the PMBOK requirements. It is important to pick a project that you understand so that you will be able to create the risk management plan that is realistic with sufficient detail where your contingency plans will be relevant. Since you will need to create a risk management plan, your project should be somewhat risky. Create a risk management plan for your.....

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can u help me?

The following information concerns the Dormnat Company, whichmanafactures one product and uses a standard cost system. Standardcost per unit: Material:3liters @ Rs2.....

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job analysis

what is the job analysis for the project.....

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What is share premium account? if we have some amount in sharepremium account how can we utilse it? are there any accountingstandards for.....

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entries for merchandise purchases

prepare journal entries to record followingtransactions.Assume a perpetual inventory systemPurchased merchandise from company under the followingterms:3600 price,invoice dated april 2 credit terms of 2/15.n/60and FOB shipping board.i dont get this ""FOB shipping board thing ""wat is.....

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8. If the price of themarket basket is $120 in year 3, and $80 in the base year, then inyear 3 the CPI is: A.80 B.100 C.120 D.150.....

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Please help me to Solve it before 15 November

Mark Trucks Limitedhas some idle capacity in its plant, which is restored by acceptingorder from other automobilesindustries. The company has finished assembly of 150 trucks againstspecial order N, 13A from Western MotorsLimited. The pertinent data are as under: Started October 3,2008. Finished.....

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Financial Accounting

Association Enterprises Plc was incorporated on 1st January1990. Its Memorandum of Association authorised the company toissue 800,000 preference shares of 2.50K each and600,000 ordinary shares of 2.00K each on 1stFebruary 1990. Association Enterprises Plc offered for subscriptionto the.....

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plane trigonometry part 2

find the angle B in an oblique triangle in wicha=31, b=15 and c=17 is A 13degree 28 minute orB15 degree C148 dgree 47 minute or D 151 degree13 minute note round off all lengths to thenearest unit and all angle to the nearest.....

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